Make A New Years Resolution for Your Business This Year

Blink Voice is making a Resolution this New Year to add MORE MONEY to your budget. We are offering businesses the opportunity to upgrade their phone systems at no extra cost added to your monthly phone bill. In fact, a ten-minute conversation with a Blink Voice Representative has been proven to save businesses 20% on their monthly phone bills. When you contact a Blink Voice Representative they will ask you questions to help explain how we can add more money to your budget. Some of the ways we can do that are:

  • Reviewing your phone bill for any discrepancies or over charges you may be incurring.
  • Upgrading your phone system to more functional, user friendly systems to help bolster the operational aptitude of your establishment.
  • Providing you with the best tech support in the industry and giving you the comfort of knowing that in the unlikely event something happened to your phones, a blink voice tech expert will be there to help fix the issue.

Every New Year people make resolutions for themselves. Whether it’s to join a gym, plan more trips, or just better themselves one way or another but rarely do people stick to those resolutions. We have all seen it. In January, after New Year’s Day, the gyms are packed with new members. Then come April or May all those new members stop going. 50% of people don’t stick to their resolutions for longer than 1 month. We want to be different and break that trend.

Save money this year by calling a Blink Voice Representative and ask us how we can save you money on your phone bill and upgrade your phone systems. Call 1-800-842-5465 to get started today.