Why is a phone system important for business?

Technology is evolving and businesses are forgetting traditional effective ways of communication in favor of exciting news ways to establish a relationship with their clients however it’s important to upgrade your office phones.

Features: Using Blink Voice Communications Phone System you can integrate a plethora of features to help notify you of a business call. All of our office phones come packed with over 20 standard features included. One of the latest features is voicemail to email, giving you the flexibility for a quick response.

Meetings: With Blink Voice Communication Phone System administrators can email an access code for visitors to join a virtual conference room where members can interact with other members. Our Advanced Office Phones come with video conferencing allowing administrators to show presentations. Other advanced features include answer questions by our chat integration software.

Privacy: Are you always running out of the office? Do you have to give your personal cell phone number to your clients? Mobile Twinning is a feature that allow a user to link their cell phone to their office phone extension. This means that whenever your desk phone rings, so too will your cell phone. You can choose to answer the call on either phone at that point. If you don’t answer the call at all, your office phone system will pull the call back and put the caller in your work voice mail. No need for a personal and company cell phone!

Savings: If you have old office phones you're paying to much on your monthly phone bill! Our relationships with all publicly traded service providers giving us the ability to lower our clients phone bill rates all while upgrading the telecommunications equipment in their office. Businesses can save hundreds of dollars off their monthly phone bill.

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